Grain markets. The biofuels industry. Cellulosic ethanol. Food vs. Fuel.


Economics is called the dismal science for a reason. But there’s no reason that you can’t laugh while you’re crying.


Dr. Roberts is first and foremost a teacher, helping audiences understand the forces shaping our world. Without even realizing it, your audiences will learn about demand curves, economic profits, and marginal pricing. Seriously.


“Matt, you knocked their socks off!   Bankers from six states attended the 2008 School for Experienced Ag Lenders this summer and your ratings were nothing less than excellent.    Comments from students say it all:  “very knowledgeable, easy to listen to, depth of his knowledge is astounding, very engaging, sharp, excellent insight, bring him back for the spring conference, super!” –Deborah Gates, Administrative VP, South Dakota Bankers Association.

“We truly enjoyed your presentation to the CMC. Your passionate and informative style was refreshing and inspiring. Especially on such a challenging topic. In fact, we would be pleased to have our child be taught by you.” –Scott Watson, Principal, Miller/Watson Architects.

“Your presentation was superb and full of common sense.” –Park Wells, Executive Director Tennessee Soybean Promotion Council.